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Newsletter : Volume 2 | Lip Balms vs. Lip Oils

Newsletter : Volume 2 | Lip Balms vs Lip Oils


the MODM guide to lip care

you may not have paid much attention to the lower half of your face lately, but masks are no excuse to neglect your lips

especially going into the colder months, our lips may need some extra care + attention

if you're confused over whether you need a lip oil or lip balm, let us explain the differences

lip oils:

the skin on our lips is different from that on most of the rest of our body in that there are no sweat or sebaceous glands, so they need extra protection + hydration from an external source

if you don't suffer from particularly dry lips but you like the feeling of hydration + shine without the stickiness of a lip gloss, our lip oil with the comforting + cooling roller-ball applicator would be ore suited to you

it not only contains the light + naturally sweet watermelon seed + strawberry seed oils for nourishment+ healing, but also jojoba oil, known fir its anti-oxidant power + for helping reduce the appearance of fine lines

lip balms :

cold + windy weather really challenges the delicate skin on our lips

our new vegan formula lip balms are naturally thicker so a better option for chronically dry or chapped lips

sweet cocoa butter, with a hint of chocolate, is still infused with the watermelon + strawberry seed oils, but also enriched with castor seed oil acting as a barrier to moisture loss


both lip oil + balm are portable for easy re-application through the day

ideally, team them both together for the ultimate hydrating power for the lips themselves + also for over the lip line where vertical lines may be appearing

step 1 : apply lip balm

step 2 : roll over lip oil