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MODM Natural Incense - Clear
Best Smelling Incense Sticks
Best Smelling Incense Sticks
MODM Natural Incense - Clear

MODM Natural Incense - Clear

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MODM Natural Incense Clear


revive + positively charge your space with notes of palo santo, green resin + citrus 

the ritual of burning incense to change the energy of a space has been used for centuries across the world

our incense is hand-rolled in small batches using traditional methods from all natural distilled water, flower petals, flower essence + resins, then dried in the warm rays of the sun

95% organic

approx burn time for each stick 50 mins

18 sticks


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how to use:

light tip of incense + let it glow

blow out the flame

place the stick upright in a MODM Brass Incense Holder to avoid burning surfaces