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Bed Socks Womens
Bed Socks Womens

MODM Alpaca Bed Socks - Cream

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MODM Alpaca Bed Socks - Cream               



soft luxury loungewear in hypoallergenic Alpaca wool

nothing compares to the moment you slip on your cosy bed socks, knowing the evening is all yours, to curl up and recharge

these thick-soled socks are an ideal way to keep you warm around the house. alpaca wool is anti-microbial, anti-fungal + hypoallergenic

this wool has extraordinary thermoregulatory properties, meaning the wool keeps you warm in the winter but also protects you from the heat in summer by wicking away moisture

made in UK

90% Alpaca + 10% nylon

size 1 - UK size 4-7

size 2 - UK size 8-10

size 3 - UK size 11-13

care  instructions

machine wash on a cold gentle cycle + dry flat